1. Appointments
    If you would like to book an appointment to have your furry friend looked at, we book appointments Monday through until Saturday. If you need to book an appointment later in the evening, Wednesday is our late night - we are open until 8pm.
  2. Surgery
    Our most common surgeries that we offer are neutering/ spaying and declawing. We also offer a wide variety of other surgical procedures.
  3. Food
    We offer a wide variety of specialty foods for your pet! We carry many different wet and dry foods as well as many different treats. Often times if the size of bag or type of food you want is not out front, it is in the back so don't hesitate to ask us if we have it! If you have any questions about what food your dog should be on, give us a call at the office - we are here to help!
  4. Boarding
    We do not offer boarding at Rossmore Animal Hospital. If you are looking to board your pet feel free to contact the office and we will be happy to provide you with contact information for local boarding facilities.
  5. Dentistry
    We also offer dental procedures including general teeth cleaning and tooth extractions. February is our dentistry month so look for special promotions!
  6. Emergency
    In case of an emergency after hours or during a holiday please contact the Pet Hospital of Prince Edward and Hastings County. They are fully staffed to help you and your pet until regular clinic hours. For more information on where to find them, please refer to our Contact section.